Sisyphean Productions is a record label that also provides playlists to listen to on Spotify. While our main focus is providing DMCA-Free playlists for content creators on Twitch and Youtube, we also build mood-based playlists for passive listening.You can find our Spotify Playlists Here


The following playlists only include DMCA/Royalty-Free music and are able to be used while streaming on Twitch or creating YouTube videos. We ask that you simply credit the artists where and when possible by either listing the songs used with their name(s) or linking to their Spotify page. Songs on this list will ensure that there are no Content ID copy-strikes. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.The playlists are in order of popularity!You can also find them on YouTube here though I suggest installing an extension to force "auto-pause" to stop. Don't worry about using ad-block, I don't mind!


The following are all the artists we have signed to our record label. Each has agreed that their music will remain DMCA-Free, though are still available for commercial licensing. If you would like to discuss please leave us an e-mail in the contact below.


These playlists are meant for the purpose of casual listening and while some music in these have the possibility of having DMCA/Royalty-Free music on them, they are not guaranteed. Please do not use these when creating content or streaming, however, please enjoy them at your own leisure. Don't see a style that you enjoy? Let us know what you want to see us include on the list!Playlists are in order of popularity!


Have a song that you want us to consider for one of our playlists? Perfect! Please complete the following contact form to be considered.Please note that due to the volume of submissions, we will only contact you if your song is approved. Please only submit a single song per week for consideration as we will not tolerate spam. Spam will ultimately lead to you losing the chances of being curated on our playlists and you will lose placement on our current playlists if you have already been placed.Currently, it takes us about a week to get to your song, so do not expect a response before then.

Sisyphean Productions is managed by Kispow OU